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„Lausitzer“ provides everything which can be extracted and concentrated from natural commodities and fruits. Our flavours, essences, distillates and extracts are ideal for the individual production of food. Flavours by „Lausitzer“ provdide the fruity taste, natural look and the typically flavour.

available as:

  • fruit flavours
  • sweet and spicy flavours
  • vegetable flavours
  • cheese flavours
  • vanilla extract

declaration :

  • flavouring preparations
  • flavours or natural flavours
  • essences
  • destillates


  • dairy industry
  • ice cream industry
  • alcohol- and soft drink industry
  • confecionary industry
  • baking industry

delivered in:

  • 200 & 800 liter containers
  • 25 liter canister

Lausitzer makes fruit taste better.