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Sundi and Lausitzer – How it all began

"Sundi – Food Ingredients for food industry
Sundi Logo
1898 Founded in Bremen as "Bremer Dampffabrik für ätherische Öle und Essenzen" to produce essences, flavours and beverage compounds for the entire beverage industry
1954 Change of name to Sundi GmbH
1975 Expansion of the portfolio by fruit preperations, dairy processing industry as well as ice cream, bakery and confectionery production
1978 Company takeover by Mr. Werner Deharde
1989 Restruction into a holding company

Lausitzer – Consumer Products
Lausitzer Logo
1901 The canning factory „Hugo Paul“ in Sohland an der Spree was founded by Hugo Paul
1923 Expansion of product range: Candied lemon peel, marzipan, fruit syrup and jams
1933 Expansion of product range: Fruit juices
1953 The company was made public property of the GDR
1968 - '90 The „VEB Kombinat Obst-und Gemüseverarbeitung Sohland" produced well-known products, e. g. „Lausitzer Orangenperle“ and „Lausitzer Fipse"

Lausitzer makes fruit taste better.