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Lausitzer let fruits taste better

During our centennial company history we were able to make our mark in the field of fruit processing developing high quality consumer products and innovative food ingredients. Today, the developement of new and innovative „food solutions“ bases on those skills acquired in the consumer goods sector as well as in industrial goods sector.

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Saxon Entrepreneur of the year 2017: Werner & Maximilian Deharde

When people refer to the company of the successful duo Werner and Maximilian Deharde as a "Juice Shop*" (*also a German colloquialism for "lousy outfit"), then it is full of appreciation and respect, because fruits and their processing is the business of Lausitzer Früchteverarbeitung GmbH. Today, the company from Sohland an der Spree is the largest fruit processing plant in Saxony and one of the leading food additives and consumer goods companies in the fruit segment. What sounds like good flavour and enjoyment is still a tough competition for ratings and the place on the shelf, a fight against declining prices and a battle for changing consumer tastes.
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Lausitzer makes fruit taste better.